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Offer Set n7 of molds.


From Baluster.es, offer tips to make yourself and mount their balusters.

You can make your own artificial stone balusters without the help of an expert. With our baluster molds can produce concrete balusters, elaborate the mixture as listed on page TUTORIAL , preparing the mold, ensuring the closure of it with clamps and wait it dries.

With high resistance to abrasion and all kinds of products. The baluster mold will resist very well all your needs.

The molds of the handrail and bases are needed to create the upper and lower parts of balustrades fences. The most common is to place four or five balusters per meter, according baluster model to create. Using handrails and bases molds 50cms or 100cms you can create the spaces needed.


We can develop the Set you want.


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Offer Set n7 of molds (Price 278 € with 17% discount) Now 230 € (VAT not included)

1 baluster mold n5 (69x10cm)
1 baluster mold n6 (70x10cm)
50 metal , clamps
1 ball mold
n33 (22x22cm)
1 handrails mold
n29 (100x17cm)
1 base mold
n31 (100x16cm)
Baluster mold n5 (69x10 cm) (click on the image)
Baluster mold in ABS plastic, Model Nº 6 stair (click on the image)
Metal clamps (click on the image)
Ball mold  n33 22x22x22cms, (click on the image)
handrail mold n29 (click on the image)
Base mold n31 (click on the image)






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