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Tutorial Bricobalusters.


From Plastics j.Alvarez ltd. we provide advice, as described on this page, so you don't need to go to an expert, or knowledge of construction, develop with our molds all the balusters railings home, entrances, balconies, pool enclosures, stairs, etc ...


FILLING: Prepare baluster mold, ensure closure with clamps and place the rod of 6 mm to protrude both above mold 5cm below using the base support rod. Prepare a mixture of 15% cement, 25% water and 60% fine sand, add the mixture, the casting will be very fast, it takes only a few seconds, vibrate the mold by tapping with a rubber mallet to avoid possible pores and wait until it dries.Filling mold balusters (click on image)


FEATURES: Making daily proper use can have a long life in the mold without any damage. With high resistance to abrasion and all kinds of products. The baluster mold will resist very well all your needs.


ASSEMBLY RULES BALAUSTRES FENCES: Necessary to make a general scheme (according model, the more usual is to place 4 or 5 balusters per meter) and trace over the mounting surface. The maximum distance between pillars must not exceed five meters. You have to drill low base as high base (low base inverted) to exact measurements. To fit properly the baluster to base level. Mount the balusters on the base using grip material. Presenting the high base and fill again with the grip material. Finish placing the handrail.


Tutorial baluster mold filling.
Click on the image, you can view our video tutorial on YouTube. Yourself without any difficulty will fill and will construct their own balusters, obtaining professional finishes.Thanks.






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